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The EcoTeach Foundation is a way for anyone interested in supporting human-powered, grassroots conservation and local
education to participate at whatever level they can.


The EcoTeach Foundation works in tandem with local communities in Costa Rica to ensure economic and environmental sustainability, and provide vital funding for a wide variety of locally-owned and managed environmental, educational and grassroots cultural conservation projects.

In partnership with EcoTeach student tours, the Foundation builds relationships with community leaders, providing equipment and funds to encourage economically and environmentally sustainable farming, building and conservation practices, and enlisting hands-on volunteer support from visiting groups to administer these initiatives.


Through EcoTeach Foundation programs, financial assistance has been provided to support the threatened culture and peoples of the BriBri Indians of the Talamanca Mountains. The natural habitat of sea turtles is being conserved along the Caribbean shores of Costa Rica, local schools are receiving funds and necessary infrastructure, and a variety of animal conservation and rehabilitation initiatives are underway.

counting turtle eggs.jpg

Your donation will help support the efforts of grassroots conservationists to preserve vital habitats and species, before they disappear.


The EcoTeach Foundation is a 501c3 tax exempt nonprofit organization.

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